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 Plane Addicts is a family owned business where the father (Dave) and son (Tom) have enjoyed the thrills of  the hobby in several aspects ranging from park flyers to giant scale planes. Their passion for the hobby is  what  led them to research and bring you alterinatives to the capitalization of the hobby shop line of products without  the additional cost of the big name suppliers.

Plane Addicts offers a range of products to support everything from park flyer to giant scale. Many of these products can be bought at a fraction of what the big name suppliers would want for similar products. However, one thing that Plane Addicts will not skimp on is quailty. We understand that any plane is an investment and we take pride in offering afforable high quality solutions for your models. 

Here at Plane Addicts we dont just sell products, we fly them. So next time you see us at a show stop by and ask us whats in our plane or for a recommendation for what you may need. We will be more then willing to help get you in the sky.




55% Extra 260

55% Hyperlite Extra260 

Many of you have seen the build thread on flying giants a few years ago of the Hyperlite Extra260 we have been in the process of building. This plane is a true work of art and we are proud to say it is part of our hanger. For the people that have not seen the thread here is a breif rundown of the plane












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